Dr. Michal Perlman

Professor, University of Toronto and Director, Dr. R.G.N. Laidlaw Research Centre, University of Toronto

Curriculum vitae


Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)

University of Toronto

252 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 1V6

Child Study: Observation, Evaluation, Reporting and Research


This is a large, required course for all students in our Child Study and Education (CSE) MA program that trains students to become primary/junior school teachers. This is a one-semester course for me, but since the cohort is quite large (around 60 students per year), the students are split into two groups and I teach each half-group of 30 or so students for six weeks.

My section addresses how to think about assessment of the students, educational systems and of teachers. I cover a range of goals and approaches to assessment and emphasize the need to conduct assessments in rigorous ways with fairness being a major theme. As I do in all of my courses, I emphasize research methods as a way to approach this issue systematically, which supports the goal of conducting assessments fairly.


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